Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I think we're growing out of our house...

What do you think?

Elijah loves taking showers!!

Elijah is the funniest kiddo. He LOVES taking showers. Every morning when he gets up, he waltzes right in to our bathroom and waits by the tub for Jordan to get ready for his shower. And every night when Jordan walks in the door, Elijah yells "Dad" and runs to the bathtub trying to pull his shirt off on the way. So, needless to say, he figured out how to get in the bathtub by his self, but can't get out on his own, so we'll hear him whining, and find him sitting in an empty bathtub with his clothes on. I wonder what he's trying to tell me when he does that. Hmmm?
This is the most recent time.