Monday, April 20, 2009

San Fran

Sarah & Charles

Playing in the Ocean on a COLD day!

Here's Sarah getting all up in my picture bitness.

San Fran

Sarah always trying to get a better picture than me...

Jelly Belly Factory. They were SO excited to wear those hats- can you tell?

Xander and Sarah put their best faces on :)
Of course the boys loved the nasty, smelly, sea lions!
You were supposed to watch this guy, and try not to laugh. I should have snapped the picture below a minute earlier. When it started, they were creeped out by him, then got into it, and started giggling. Not Dallin though- he kept his cool and didn't laugh :)

San Francisco

The boys really enjoyed the Arcade Museum.
Obviously, so did Sarah...

Dallin was worn out after a long day...
First night at Sarah's we went to Fenton's for some Ice Cream. Yummo!



Dallin, Elijah, (other) Elijah, and Libby at the AWESOME Omaha Zoo.

Xander at the Hotel. He said he was a Roman Catholic, I think he meant Roman Soldier.

Dallin and the Catfish. He was scared of it, so I had to pose with it first!


We had a great quick visit to the Schramm Aquarium...

Cousins: Elijah and Hayden
Dallin, Isaac and Brandon... It was so great to see Justin, Lisa and kids!

Xan's #1 !!

Xander had the geography bowl a couple weeks ago. His team got 1st place! His friends call him the "Information Station". The camera was acting up, so the pics are bad, but here they are holding up their right answers, and (above) getting their gold metals! Congrats Xander, Colbran, Jens and Aman!