Friday, October 24, 2008

San Fransista

I had a great time visiting Sarah a couple weeks ago. I flew down down for a long weekend to help her ring in the big 3-0! And I mean BIG!! It was off the hook! (J/K)
This was my favorite part. Sarah and I rented this thing and went on a 3 hour guided tour! The car told us where to go, and told stories about the places we were passing. It even told us jokes! It was awesome! Well worth the money!

We looked hot in our helmets. Proof.

Liz came up from San Diego to help us par-tay! It was fun!
Taking Sarah out for a birthday lunch...
Happy Birthday to you!!
Liz- you crazy girl! Loved it!

Ward Halloween Party!

Tonight was the Benson 2nd Ward Halloween Party! The kids had a blast! There was a huge "Haunted Trail" down in the river bottoms, which the kids loved. (Except Xander- he wouldn't even come with us. He still cries in the Dinosaur Museum! Shh.... Don't tell him I told you that!) Anyways, they had a cakewalk, penny toss, and fishing game, as well as dinner. It was a great time. Here are a few pictures of the boys before we left...


Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Kit On The Block...

Look how cute this kitten is that we found in the barn today! It can't even walk yet! I hope it makes it through the cold weather!

P.S. Stay away from it Alecia!! J/K

Bear Lake at the Cabin

We went shooting, while others were out on the 4 wheelers. Lookin' good Kesia!

Scary, I know. But he just turned 9! He's all mature now!
Dad and the boys... (minus Dallin-he was all funned out already.) Elijah fell asleep on the rough 4 wheel rides 2 days in a row! Crazy.
Xan, Isaac, Jordan, Elijah, Joe, Josh & Brynja on the top of the trail!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Isaac and Dallin... AGAIN!

Isaac: "I'm a genius!"
Dallin: "I'm more genius than you are!!"

Overheard from Isaac..

I was cleaning the kitchen as Isaac was sitting at the "Homework Station" trying to finish his homework. Meanwhile, Dallin is leaning over Isaac's shoulder making these horribly obnoxious noises. So Isaac says, "Dallin, stop that! It's annoying!" But, of course, Dallin doesn't quit, so I say, "Dallin, when someone asks you to stop then you need to stop." Then Isaac adds in "Yeah Dallin, you should know by now that everyone's sick of your stupid antics."

Oh boy, the mind of a 7 year old....