Monday, June 09, 2008

Pics of the House...

Here are a few pics of the house, for those who are interested... Jordan had some fun doing before and afters... Not that we're totally done, but it shows how far we've come so far!!

Elijah the animal lover!

So, Xander came running over to me this morning saying "Mom! Look at Elijah!!" And just then Elijah came around the corner and showed me a mouse he was holding!! And it was dead! Not rotten or anything, just freshly dead (not that that really helps)!! And he was so proud!! He was holding it so carefully and sweetly! So, I called Jordan over and he hurried and grabbed the mouse from him and got rid of it. So, I take Elijah inside to wash his hands really well. And he is just so sad that Dad took his "pet" away. So, he finally stops crying when we get back outside, but he starts looking around saying "Where my pet go?"
Anyways, in the process of looking for his missing pet, he finds an injured wasp crawling around on the ground and sets his hand down, so it'll crawl up on his arm.
He comes over and shows me that it's just crawling around on him, so I tell him that we don't play with dead animals or wasps, and I flick the wasp off. Then Xander decides he should put it out of it's injured misery, and squishes it. Needless to say Elijah was not a happy camper that we wouldn't let him play with any "pets". He was so sad! But, he was so sweet to both of them!! It was cute. I often find him digging in the dirt trying to find his snake pets, too. Why he picks my least favorite animals to play with, I don't know. Where's a cat or dog when you need it?

"Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree!!"

I had to get this on video! He's just so cute!!
WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY TRAUMA THAT MAY OCCUR BY NOT ABIDING BY THIS WARNING!! (It sounds like we're singing in slow mo and I'm completely out of tune. But, what's new?)

The fire pit...

So, last week we randomly decided we wanted to have a cookout. So, we just dug a fire pit. (One of the nice things about having over 6 acres to play with!) It's been so much fun. The last couple of Sunday nights we've roasted hot dogs, sang songs with Jordan playing guitar, and had s'mores. The kids love it, as well as Jordan and I. Anyway, I was able to get a few pictures before it got too dark yesterday, so enjoy! FYI- We're planning on making this pit into a nice campsite, so if you feel the urge to go camping, everyone's welcome to come visit us!! Or, if you don't like camping, we have tons of extra space inside the house, too!

Jordan has taught the boys how to build a proper fire, and we've had a few talks on roasting stick safety. (That's an important one with 4 boys.)
This is Elijah hiding in "the jungle". That's what they boys call it.
The view from our backyard... the temple is gorgeous at nighttime!