Saturday, December 06, 2008

I'm so sad...

So, I was just reading the news online (which I do every day) and came across an article that talked about a car accident last night in Sardine Canyon, (which is the canyon you have to go through to get in/out of Cache Valley). And so I started reading and it said that 3 people had died in the accident. A couple and a 9 year old friend of the family. They also had their 2 children in the car, who survived the crash.
Well, before I know it, the article says the 2 adults who died were Curtis and Tami Andersen from Nibley... My heart dropped. We were friends! We built our houses together! In fact, we had the same house plan! They were great people with 2 beautiful kids. A 5 year old daughter and a 1 year old son! I am just so saddened and sick to my stomach. Tami was extremely close to her mother, which I had met many times, and I immediately thought of her. It's just so sad that these things happen, and that those children, Kylie and Jaxon, have to grow up without their Mom & Dad.
This experience does make me SO grateful that I KNOW that this family can be together forever, and I pray that this earthly experience will only STRENGTHEN the Andersen family.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

These Crazy Boys!!

So, I was out last night and got a call from Jordan. He said "You won't believe what they boys just did!" And I was thinking, "Oh no. What now..."

Well, it turns out Jordan was in the garage trying to fix the truck while Xander and I were at Scouts. Dallin came down to the garage and just stood there staring at Jordan. Then just started bawling! Then Elijah came down all chipper, saw Dallin, and he too started bawling! So, Jordan says "What's wrong?" And Dallin blurts out that they closed themselves in the hall closet, then couldn't find the doorknob to get out, and panicked. So, they started kicking the door! Yes, kicking with all their might, so Jordan came up to find this...

Yep! They busted the stinkin' door in half!! That's some serious toddler adrenaline that had to have been going on! It's hilarious!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Boys Christmas Pictures